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Model: EPTL14112
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Active Adjust Console
The Epic A35T Treadmill features Active Adjust Technology on its console. This allows any user of the treadmill to have the console angled at a degree that best fits their personal height. Helps make the experience more ergonomic, especially for shorter or taller users.

Wireless Heart Monitoring
Monitoring your heart rate is one of the best ways to judge your running workout. The Epic A35T not only comes standard with heart monitoring abilities, but also includes a chest strap that will instantly and accurately send your heart rate to the treadmill’s console.

Wide Incline and Speed Range
When using the EPIC A35T, you will have no shortage of options for incline or for speed. The sped can go from 1MPH all the way to 12MPH, and the incline can go from -3% all the way up to 15% incline. You can also change the speed/incline to your liking with the touch of one button on the console. Having this feature is great for interval training.

iPod® Compatible Audio
Want to jam to your own music while your work out? It’s easy with the build in iPod plug in port and 3in built in speakers. Now you can listen to your own music with or without headphones.

Display Adjustment

At the push of a button you can change the angle of your display, allowing you to customize your view of your Android capable browser based on your personal running position.

Easy-Lift Assist Folding Capabilities

The EPIC A35T (EPTL13112) has the ability to be folded and put away for excellent space saving. It features Easy-Lift Assist makes it easy for any user to fold and unfold the treadmill.

40 Preset and 4 User-Defined Workouts

The EPIC A35T (EPTL14112) has over 40 certified trainer workouts to keep you from ever getting bored with your run. Additionally, an uncommon feature is the ability to save up to 4 of your own “user defined” workouts so you can keep your own favorites for future workouts!

iFit® Ready

Revolutionize your workouts with iFit interactive training programs. Connect through your wireless internet and access celebrity workouts, run paths from all around the world, replicate runs your record on your mobile device and compete against other runners remotely in live iFit Races. You can also share your workouts on social media with the click of a button. The hardware for iFIT is included with the EPIC A35T. A subscription to iFit needs to be purchased separately.

Innovative Console Features

The EPIC A35T has one of the most fully featured consoles in its class. Some of the innovative features include:

- Digital Quick-Touch Speed and Incline Buttons-Allows you to change the speed or the incline of the A35T Treadmill with the touch of one button. This feature is great for doing interval training.

- 7 Inch Full Color Touch Display with full internet browsing capabilities

-i Pod Compatible Audio-Allows you to listed to your music either with headphones or the build in 3in speakers

- 4 Inch Cooling Fan

- EKG Grips for accurate heart rate monitoring

- Emergency stop technology

400 Pound User Capacity

With the heavy duty build of the EPIC A35T, it can support users that weigh as much as 400 Lbs. This is higher than most in this class of treadmill.

EKG Grip Pulse Heart Rate Monitor

Centrally located heart rate monitoring grips allow you to get a quick and accurate reading of your heart rate on the console.

iPod® Integration

Want to listen to your music on your own iPod device. Easy. Just plug into the audio jack and you can listen through the 3in speakers that are integrated into the A35T (EPTL14112) console.

Product Specifications

Unit Weight:
Weight Capacity:
Dimensions LxWxH:
82.3"L x 36.6"W x 74.25"H
Motor Horsepower:
3.5 CHP
Max Speed:
Max Incline:
Max Decline:
Energy Return Cushioning
Belt Length / Width:
60" x 20"
Belt Material:
2 Ply
Roller Width:
2.5" Front, 3" Rear
7" Full Color Touch
Workout Programs:
Heartrate Monitoring:
Polar Wireless, EKG Grip
Speakers and Audio, Interactive Programs, Internet Ready, Folding Unit
Cooling Fan
Labor Warranty:
2 Year
Parts Warranty:
5 Year
Motor Warranty:
Best Seller, On Sale
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Product Reviews

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  1. Star EPIC P.O.S.

    Reviewed on 27th Mar 2014 by Unknown

    I have had the treadmill for three months. I was initially happy with its versatility. But after about four weeks, it would no longer maintain a consistent speed. It has now become so random in jumping between speeds that I have not been able to use it without getting so frustrated that I have to stop for almost six weeks. I have replaced one part and am waiting on another. Beware of the company warranty: you have to replace the parts yourself, even though the warranty says "Parts and Labor."

  2. Star Just awesome

    Reviewed on 30th Nov 2013 by Judith Keevan

    A friend of mine had been very happy with this unit so I was surprised to see some negative reviews online about Epic treadmills. The salesperson at treadmill.com (mike J) explained that Dick's Sporting goods had some initial customer issues when these first came out, but that they had been addressed. I gave it a shot and am super happy I did. I got a well built treadmill, at a price that is 2/3rds what my friend paid for his. Really happy with this purchase. Thanks Treadmill.com

  3. Star Lots of Features

    Reviewed on 6th Nov 2013 by Amy Dierst

    I am VERY happy with the amount of features that the Epic A35T has. In this price range, few units offer so much. Thanks Treadmill.com

  4. Star Finally I can multi-task

    Reviewed on 1st Nov 2013 by Tiffany Wilson

    I have owned three treadmills over the past 12 years, each one had more features than the last. The Epic A35T is the first I have purchased that has full internet browsing capabilities and I am in heaven. Now that I can check e-mail and interact with social media, I actually will walk for longer after my run for even more time moving. REALLY happy with my purchase. Thanks Treadmill.com!

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