iMovR ThemoDesk Elite 72" Treadmill Desk

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  • iMovR ThemoDesk Elite 72" Treadmill Desk Control Panel
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  • ThermoTread Treadmill Base
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  • Keyboard Tray
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With the iMovR ThemoDesk ELITE 72” desk, you can easily transform your traditional office space into a sit, stand, walk solution.  The iMovR ThemoDesk ELITE allows you to transition from a sitting position, to a standing, or walking position in just a matter of seconds.  By using the included control panel, you can preprogram up to 4 preset positions, or manually adjust the desk in 1/2" increments.  Just press and hold the preset number and the BOSCH motors do all the work for you; at the same noise / decibel level as the average central air conditioning system.  Combine the iMovR ThemoDesk ELITE with the LifeSpan TR800-DT3 or TR1200-DT3 walking treadmill to add a walking station to your new sit / stand desk.  Combining the iMovR ThemoDesk ELITE with the LifeSpan walking treadmill gives you a much healthier alternative to the traditional sedentary office work station.

All the accesories in the picture are not included.  Chair, walking treadmill, monitor arms, monitors, are sold seperately.

Which Desk Is Right For Me?

All the iMovr ThemoDesk ELITE desks come in a 30” depth, but there are four different widths to chose from depending on your application: 48”, 60”, 72” and 83”.  

This product listing is for the 72” model.  If you would like the desk in one of the other sizes, please click one of the following links:  48” sit / stand or stand / walk desk, 60” sit / stand or stand / walk desk, or 83” sit / stand / walk desk. 


The 48” wide desk is perfect for transforming a cubical or other small space into a sit / stand OR stand / walk workstation.  The desk comes predrilled with one 3” grommet in the center to help with cable management.  The 48” desk is perfect if you don’t need a lot of additional room for something other than your computer.  You can use the desk as a traditional sitting workstation, or raise it up and stand at your workstation.  By placing a walking treadmill under the unit you can convert it into a stand / walking solution.

The next size up is the 60” wide desk, which also can be configured as a sit / stand OR stand / walk workstation.  With the 60” desk, you have a bit more space for personal belongs, paperwork, etc. in your workspace.  It is predrilled with 2, 3” grommet holes. Each hole is located 19" from the left and right edges.

Moving up in size, you get to the 72” wide desk. This desk can be configured as a sit / stand / walk desk.  Just put your chair on one side of the desk and your walking treadmill on the other side.  This desk has plenty of room for both. Since it’s a wider desk, it comes with 2 predrilled grommet holes on the left and right.

Finally, the 83” wide desk is the largest that iMovR makes. Just like the 72” wide desk, it comes with 2 predrilled grommet holes and is the ideal width for as a sit / stand / walk solution.  You can place your chair on one side of your desk and the walking treadmill on the other side.  With an 83” wide desk, you have plenty of room to stretch out. If you have the room to accommodate it, this width makes for a very comfortable workstation. 


Quality Construction

The iMovR ThemoDesk ELITE is American-made. The quality shines through everywhere you look on this impressive desk.  Starting with the base unit, which is fitted with 2 BOSCH whisper quite motors. The base is built with specs that far exceed what is necessary.  For instance, the desk is made to raise or lower up to 220lbs; the average person only has 30lbs or less on their desk.  The extra power allows the desk to raise and lower very quickly. The desk travels at a speedy 1.5” per second.  It’s also amazingly quiet; putting out only 42dB on the way down and 46dB on the way up. This is about the same as a light rainfall or a central air conditioning system.  Finally, the tabletop is constructed around a 1 1/8” extra thick core that is wrapped in an ultra durable laminate type material.  Even the grommet holes are completely wrapped in the laminate.  This high-tech material resists moisture, chemicals, or scratches.  It’s a work surface that should last you for years to come.

Color Options

Each iMovr ThemoDesk ELITE comes in 9 different color options, which are broken out into two groups: Solids and Wood-Grains.  The solid colors are Designer White, Warm White (Creme), Haute Gray (Putty), Shark Gray, and Black.  For a modest $30 upgrade you can get one of the wood grain desks and those colors include Clove Mahogany, Shaker Cherry, Urban Walnut, Light Maple, Almond Cherry, and Hayward Cherry.  We have a sample of each color below, but please be aware that depending on your monitor adjustments, the colors might look slightly different in person.

Solid Colors

white.jpg  gray.jpg  ebony.jpg

Designer White               Haute Gray                     Ebony Starlight 

Wood Grain Colors ($30 Extra)


maple.jpg  sambacherry.jpg  haywoodcherry.jpg

Light Maple                    Almond Cherry               Hayward Cherry 

blossomcherry.jpg  mahogany.jpg  finesse.jpg

Shaker Cherry                Clove Mahogany             Urban Walnut 


Customize Your Desk More...

Another great feature about the iMovR ThemoDesk ELITE is how it can be configured. Customize the color of your desk, color of the legs, add a keyboard tray, monitor arms, or a power center.  Here are some more details on each option:

Keyboard Tray

keyboard.jpgAll the iMovR ThemoDesk ELITE's come predrilled with holes for a keyboard tray.  On the 48" and 60" models, the holes are in the center of the desk.  On the 72" and 83" models there are two sets of holes, one on the left and one on the right.  While $299.99 might seem like a lot of money for a keyboard tray, not all keyboard trays are created equally.  The add-on keyboard tray we offer is ultra-sturdy because of its thick metal construction.  It's also one of the most ergonomic keyboard trays on the market.  It works with over 98% of keyboards on the market and is one of the few keyboard trays to offer negative tilt.  

 Power Outlets

outlet.jpgKeep you work area looking clean and have easy access to power with the grommet mounted power socket.  Available in sliver or black, these power grommets will help keep your work space looking neat and tidy.  The power outlets come with a 72" cord so you will have plenty or distance to reach the nearest wall plug.  The 48" desk comes predrilled with one grommet hole and the 60", 72" and 83" have two.


Base Color

legs.jpgYou can even customize your base color to fit your top color, your work area, or personal taste.  We offer the treadmill desk base in either silver or black.  We find that the silver base goes best with the lighter colors like white, gray, or light maple.  The black base goes best with the darker colors like black, cherry, or walnut.  However, you're welcome to mix and match any way you like! The base of this desk has a sleek, modern look that will look fantastic in virtually any office environment.  The black base sells about 2:1 over the silver base.

 Walking Treadmill

Complete your treadmill desk the new iMovR ThermoTread GT – the first treadmill desk base designed from the ground up to live in an office environment, not a gym. From upgraded componentry to a sleek, touch-screen LCD desktop console, to its ability to interact with personal performance tracking and corporate wellness software in the cloud (via optional CloudStation available 2016), the ThermoTread GT is to existing treadmill desks as the Starship Enterprise is to the RMS Queen Mary. Both will transport you from point A to point B, but only one has warp drive and photon torpedoes.

Fast Assembly The ThermoDesk ELITE was designed to be easy to assemble. Recessed nuts underneath the tabletop precisely fit the base of the desk. The pre-drilled pilot holes make it easy to install the hand controller.
Quite Operation No need to worry about distracting your co-workers. The maximum amount of noise the ELITE produces is 46 decibels. It is even quieter when the table is descending. Since it moves at 1.5 inches per second, the noise that it does make will not last long.
Quality Construction The base and the top of the ThermoDesk ELITE are both manufactured in the United States. The steel frame is covered by a 20 year warranty, the moving parts are covered for 10 years, and the table top is covered by a 5 year warranty.
Lift Capacity The maximum lift capacity for the ThermoDesk ELITE is 220 Pounds. This high-weight capacity allows you to have multiple monitors on the desktop along with everything else you need to be productive at work.
Ergonomic Design The core of the table top more than an inch thick. The edges and the corners are contoured to create a “comfort edge.” Unlike most desks that have a banded edge, the ELITE features an elegant rounded edge.
Optional equipment These desks can be customized to meet your specific needs. The optional power socket fits in the desk’s grommet so you can power your equipment. The desk is also predrilled for the optional retractable keyboard tray.
Unique Lamination Process Unlike most table tops, iMovR uses an advanced “3D” lamination process that covers and protects every exposed surface of the wood. This process provides better protection from moisture than standard laminate surfaces.
Choice of colors With a wide range of colors to choose from, these desk will look great in any office. The desktop color choices are Hayward Cherry, Clove Mahogany, or Light Maple woodgrains, solid Designer White, Ebony Starlight or Haute Gray.
Durable Finish The surface of these high-quality desks is not only beautiful but it also is extraordinarily durable. This unique lamination is so heavy-duty that even the strongest disinfectants will not tarnish the finish of this table top.
Treadmill Desk Demo & Overview
  • Treadmill Desk Demo & Overview

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Product Reviews

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  1. Star Excellent good looking desk

    Reviewed on 14th Apr 2015 by Unknown

    The desk looks clean and high quality. It is easy to use and solid. Everyone who has seen it is impressed by it. I could not be happier with it and glad I made the decision to purchase.

  2. Star Superb

    Reviewed on 5th Sep 2014 by Roger

    This is a review of the 48" Elite. I am posting here because I could not access the 48" product page on this site.

    Disclaimer: I do not work for or represent iMovR or in any way. I am a regular customer, just like you. Since independent reviews were almost non-existent, I purchased this desk with my fingers crossed. Now I'm sharing my experience to help others make an informed choice.

    Dan Robinson at was my point of contact. He was extremely friendly and accommodating. There was trouble with the first shipment but I'm told that iMovR has since changed shipping vendors, so I don't think anything more need be said. The second attempt went smoothly; the desk was well packaged and arrived in perfect condition. It was strapped to a heavy wooden pallet, which you will have to dispose of. That's a bit of a nuisance but it helps insure that the desk arrives in good shape.

    About the desk itself: In a word, superb. I got the black top on a silver base. It looks great. The table top is thick and solid. The so-called "3D lamination" is well executed; edges rounded and no separate edge banding. It's a super-nice top.

    The metal base is equally stunning. The powder coat is flawless and the entire unit is extremely attractive. The Bosch motors are a joy; smooth and quiet. The controls are simple to use and offer 4 adjustable presets.

    Working at a very leisurely pace, it took me 70 minutes to assemble. All screw and bolt holes are pre-drilled and everything fit perfectly. Quality design, materials and craftsmanship are obvious. I've purchased some poorly manufactured equipment before and I can assure you, this is not in that category.

    This is my first sit/stand desk. I did a lot of research (online) before selecting it, but I have no real-world basis for comparison. However, I do know quality when I see it, so I've given the ELITE a five star rating (and I'm stingy with my stars). It is quite attractive and seems to be extremely well made (here in the USA). Therefore, I feel confident recommending it without reservation. It is a first-rate product.

  3. Star The ultimate weight loss solution

    Reviewed on 15th Aug 2014 by Skinner Steve

    I'm a busy manager and single dad and just don't have time to goto the gym several days a week. I got my treadmill desk about 5 months ago and have been losing 2-3 pounds per month since. Not only that, I'm standing 4-6 hours per day that I would have otherwise been sitting. It took about 4-6 weeks to get used to because I wasn't used to standing and / or walking so much, but now I feel soooo much better. I feel like I'm 10 years younger and wish I found something like this sooner.

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