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  • 6 X 36 Foam Roller

    High Density Foam Roller Using a high density foam roller has many benefits to an athlete. Some of the benefits include: Develop core stabilization as well as lower body balance Target certain pain points of the body Mobilization of back and...

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  • Dumbbell

    Body Sport Neoprene Coated Dumbbells Using dumbbells are an excellent addition to any workout routine. Body Sport dumbbells are made of solid metal coated with Vinyl. They also feature easy clean material and hexagonal shapes to prevent rolling. Some of...

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  • Floor mat

    Body Sport Exercise Mat W/Carry Strap Having a good exercise mat is essential for stretching and doing mat exercises including sit-ups, pushups, and core exercise. This unit is great for ab workouts as well as isometric workouts. The mat has the...

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  • Medicine Ball

    Body Sport Medicine BallsMedicine balls are a great add on to your workout. They allow you to choose a weight suitable for you and help work your core and torso. Great for both strength training and rotational movement, the integration of a bouncing...

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  • Vinyl Speed Rope

    Body Sport Speed RopesAsk any boxer where they get their foot speed from and they are bound to tell you that they have been jumping a lot of rope. Jumping with the Body Sport speed jump rope will help build arm and shoulder muscle while simultaneously...

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