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    Star Trac S-TRx Model Walking View

    Star Trac S-TRx

    There are few treadmills out there that are as striking to look at as the Star Trac S-TRx. From far away, you can tell that this is a piece of exercise equipment that belongs in a world-class gym. As you get closer, you notice a superior level of...

    $6,970.00 $4,182.00
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  • 10TRx FreeRunner™ Treadmill

    Star Trac 10 Series FREERUNNER

    Star Trac builds some of the finest fitness equipment on the market. This equipment is not only beautiful but it is built to last. Gyms around the world use this equipment because of this legendary durability. With very little maintenance, a Star Trac...

    $14,495.00 $9,195.00
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