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We carry a wide variety of elliptical machines from starter home units to top of the line commerical machines. If you have questions, click on our Live Help button at the top of the screen or call our toll free number 1-800-986-9041 to talk to a product specialist. Thanks for shopping at! 

  • Helix H1000 Lateral Trainer Overview Helix H1000 Lateral Trainer With Model

    Helix H1000 Lateral Trainer

    Helix produces lateral trainers that are used in gyms across America. These machines are dramatically different than your standard, low impact, cardio machines. The Helix Lateral Trainer works your body from side to side which forces you to use more...

    $2,495.00 $2,295.00
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  • Proform 10.0 CE Front Overview Proform 10.0 CE Side Overview

    Proform 10.0 CE

    Adjustable Stride LengthThe ProForm 10.0CE Elliptical allows you to select between 16", 18" or 20" stride lengths. Adjusting your stride length can work different muscles. Change the length of your stride each time you work out and you will gain more...

    $799.00 $599.00
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  • ProForm 1110 Elliptical Overview ProForm 1110 Elliptical Overview 2

    ProForm 1110 E

    The ProForm 1110 E Elliptical is a machine designed for people who are serious about fitness. This feature rich elliptical comes with everything you need to get an amazing full-body workout. Made from commercial-gauge solid steel, the ProForm 1110 E...

    $1,999.99 $999.00
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  • ProForm 7.0 RE Side View ProForm 7.0 RE Speaker View

    ProForm 7.0 RE

    Compared to most ellipticals, the ProForm 7.0 RE does not cost a lot of money. If you look at what this elliptical has to offer compared to the more expensive machines, you will see that price isn’t everything. The 7.0 RE is a full-featured...

    $599.00 $399.00
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  • ProForm Hybrid Trainer

    ProForm Hybrid Trainer

    The ProForm Hybrid Trainer delivers the benefits of both an exercise bike and of an elliptical. Get the comfort of a recumbent bike with the full-body workout of an elliptical in one impressive package. The oversized pedals on the Hybrid Trainer adjust...

    $799.99 $349.00
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  • ProForm ZE 6 Elliptical Overview ProForm ZE 6 Elliptical With Model

    ProForm ZE 6

    The ProForm ZE 6 Elliptical was designed to help users lose weight. It is ideal for those looking to get results from a low impact workout. Results will come quickly using the Stride Adjust Incline Ramp. Each of the 5 incline positions targets a...

    $999.00 $799.00
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