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Model: T5XX000103 + GCT000X0103
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User Friendly Console and GoSystem™
The LifeFitness T5 Treadmill's Go Console features an LCD display screen, dual dishwasher safe cupholders, accessory tray and reading rack. The LifeFitness T5 Treadmill's Go Console convenient control pad allows you to adjust speed, incline and volume. The LifeFitness GoSystem™ included on the T5 treadmill recalls your preferred speeds with a quick start workout at the touch of a button. The GoSystem™ includes three personalized presets for both speed and incline.

Flexdeck® Shock Absorption
The LifeFitness T5 Treadmill's patented LifeSpring™ shock absorbers not only reduce up to 30% of joint stress versus outdoor running, but will also lower your risk of injury. The T5 Treadmill can be adjusted across three cushioning settings with the largest running surface of all Life Fitness treadmills.

Energy Saver
Using the energy saver button will decrease the amount of energy use by 90%. The LifeFitness T5 Treadmill's Energy Saver feature allows the unit to start-up quicker so you can get your workout under way without the wait.

Customized Workouts
The T5 Go Console Treadmill offers essential programming to get you started. With 13 workout programs to choose from as well as 2 user profiles and race mode, you can set different goals for separate workouts and/or users making it easier to maintain a workout routine.

FlexDeck® Shock Absorption System

The LifeFitness T5 treadmill is composed of LifeSpring™ shock absorbers, which are used in Corvette suspensions and railcar bumpers. The patented FlexDeck® System provides you with a more cushioned, comfortable run. Unlike rubber and foam, these LifeSprings won’t break down over time as they’re created using polyurethane material, which allows the plastic to bend but not change form. With the extensive sound testing conducted by Life Fitness, the LifeFitness T5 treadmill's system functions with less noise than a typical treadmill.

Go Console

The LifeFitness T5 Treadmill's Go Console option allows you to easily pick a program and start working out. The Go Console provides you with the basic fundamentals you’ll need to achieve your fitness goals. The LifeFitness T5 treadmill's Go Console features Dual Fitness, where you can create two user profiles. Each profile can save one custom workout, providing you with a simplified approach and quicker set-up. The LifeFitness T5's Go Console also features the Energy Saver button, which lowers the unit’s energy consumption by 90% when turned on but not in use. The LifeFitness T5 Treadmill's Go Console HeartSync™ provides you with five heart-rate controlled workouts that can be monitored through the hand sensors or the wireless chest strap. The LifeFitness T5 treadmill includes 13 workouts featuring three classic, two advanced, three goal-oriented and five HeartSync™ options. If you’re looking to get your workout underway with the push of a button, the GoSystem™ Quick Start feature remembers your preferred pace for walking, jogging and running.

Incline Actuator

By utilizing a centered incline lift motor, the actuator provides balance to the system. This is not only less tension on you, but reduces break down on the unit.

Life Fitness T5 Go
  • Life Fitness T5 Go
  • T5 Treadmill
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Product Specifications

Unit Weight:
Weight Capacity:
Dimensions LxWxH:
80"L x 32"W x 60"H
Motor Horsepower:
3.0 CHP
Motor Power:
Max Speed:
Max Incline:
Flex Deck Shock Absorbption
Belt Length / Width:
60" x 22"
Belt Material:
Multi Ply
Roller Width:
2.6" Front, 2" Back
LCD 4" x 6"
Workout Programs:
Heartrate Monitoring:
Polar Wireless, EKG Grip
Storage Tray
Labor Warranty:
1 Year
Parts Warranty:
7 Year
Motor Warranty:
10 Year
Frame Warranty:
Award Winning, Editor's Choice, Commercial Grade
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