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Model: 9-9131-MUSAP2
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Star Trac
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Benefits of Multiple Cardio Machines
Two tracks (Treadles) on the E-TCi TreadClimber provide flat step to incline that gives all the benefits of a Treadmill, Elliptical, and Stepper. Design and exercise pattern makes you work harder, burning as much as twice the amount of calories in the same time as with other cardio machines.

Entertainment System and Connectivity
The StarTrac E-TCi TreadClimber features a 15in. High Definition (HD) LCD personal viewing screen, which has an internal tuner to receive local and cable stations and a user friendly console with customized workouts. The StarTrac E-TCi Cross Trainer's console has large font messaging system with motivational track. The StarTrac E-TCi Treadclimber's 9 user-specific workouts allow you to set different goals for separate workouts or users.

SoftTrac™ Triple Cell Pedals
A cushioning system unique to The StarTrac E-TCi also allows for the greatest amount of shock absorption to be more comfortable on ankles, knees and back.

iPod Integration
The StarTrac E-TCi Treadclimber also has iPod integration that allows for personal music, video display and USB charging station.

The Benefits of Innovation

The StarTrac E-TCi TreadClimber is one of the most innovative cardio machines on the market. It is a great workout machine for those that are looking for an effective and efficient workout. It incorporates all the best of a treadmill, a stepper, and an elliptical machine. Due to the rising and falling motion of the split deck (treadles), your stride length is larger working your hips more and helping you burn as much as twice the amount of calories than on any one machine alone.

Entertainment System

The StarTrac E-TCi TreadClimber features a personal viewing screen (PVS) with a 15in. High Definition (HD) LCD viewing screen with tuner that allows you to receive both local and cable stations. The StarTrac E-TCi TreadClimber’s convenient placement of channel and volume controls allows for continuous exercise while managing the entertainment screen.

Customized Workouts

The StarTrac E-TCi TreadClimber comes standard with 9 various workout programs including: Dynamic Heart Rate Control®, Constant Heart Rate Control Heart rate controlled workouts that can be tracked through the Polar® wireless chest strap or Hot Bar® hand sensors. This allows the user to choose heart rate goals and let the machine adjust the intensity of the workout to meet these goals.

Completely Mechanical Design

Unlike many other machines that use different technologies, the StarTrac E-TCi TreadClimber is completely mechanical. The mechanical nature of this machine gives it a commercial quality in a machine you can put in your home. Due to this careful design, the E-TCi will be in your home for a long time to come.

Speed and Resistance Control

The TreadClimber allows you to control both the speed (Between 1MPH-4PMH) and the resistance of the treadles with 5 levels of intensity. This is a walking machine, not a running machine, but with the split deck and the 5 levels of intensity you will burn more calories and use more muscles than on most other cardio machines.

Hot Bar® Controls

With its centrally located bar, you can easily change speed or incline with an easy push of 1 finger. The HotBar® makes it easy to adjust difficulty up or down right at your fingertips.

Star Trac E TCi
  • Star Trac E TCi

Product Specifications

Unit Weight:
Weight Capacity:
Dimensions LxWxH:
82.3"L x 35.8"W x 82.5"H
Motor Horsepower:
5 HP
Motor Power:
Max Speed:
Belt Length / Width:
52" x 9" x 2"
Roller Width:
Resistance Levels:
Min Step Height:
15" Integrated PVS HD Screen
Workout Programs:
Heartrate Monitoring:
Polar Telemetry, EKG Grip
Speakers and Audio
Cooling Fan, Storage Tray
Labor Warranty:
1 Year
Parts Warranty:
2 Year
Motor Warranty:
5 Year
Commercial Grade
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