Star Trac S-TRx

Model: 9-3573-MUSAP3
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Star Trac
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There are few treadmills out there that are as striking to look at as the Star Trac S-TRx. From far away, you can tell that this is a piece of exercise equipment that belongs in a world-class gym. As you get closer, you notice a superior level of craftsmanship that you just don’t see on your average treadmill. Be warned; once you step onto this machine, you will have trouble stepping down to an inferior treadmill.

The S-TRx is a commercial quality treadmill. Essentially, it was designed to be used all day, seven days a week. It can be used by anyone weighing 500 pounds or less. Most treadmills cannot withstand that sort of workload. Each part on this impressive machine was designed to last and to require very little maintenance. If you had this treadmill in your home, you could expect it to run flawlessly for years.

The Star Trac S-TRx is very easy to use. The user-friendly console makes it a snap to jump on and get moving. The large, scrolling message screen quickly provides you with information you need to get started. The S-TRx has a dedicated heart rate display. The console also has two adjustable fans to keep you refreshed during your workout.

This treadmill features 12 workout programs including: Dynamic Heart Rate Control, Constant Heart Rate Control, Fitness Test (Modified Balke Ware), Firefighter Test (Modified Gerkin Protocol), ARMY Protocol, USMC Protocol, USAF Protocol, and NAVY Protocol. The Heart rate controlled workouts make use of the Polar wireless chest strap or Hot Bar hand sensors to personalize your workout.

There are lots of treadmills to choose from. Few, if any, exceed the quality and style of the Star Trac S-TRx.

SoftTrac Triple Cell Cushioning System The SoftTrac Triple Cell Cushioning System is unique to Star Trac treadmills. This system allows for the greatest amount of shock absorption. Your knees and back will appreciate the comfort that this cushioning system provides.
Seven Inch Step Up Height For those using the unit for physical therapy or with limited step ability; the low step up height (seven inches) makes the Star Trac S-TRx Treadmill easier to get on and off compared to similar machines of this quality.
Hot Bar Controls Conveniently located in front of you, the Star Trac S-TRx’s Hot Bar provides easy access to the stop button and contact heart rate hand sensors. One-finger controls give you quick and simple speed and elevation adjustments.
Personal Cooling Fans The StarTrac S-TRx’s two cooling fans located in the center of the console are completely adjustable on the fly so you can regulate the amount of cooling you receive. These fans will keep you cool and refreshed.
Commercial Quality The Star Trac S-TRx was designed to be used in health clubs 7 days a week, 16 hours a day. They achieve this level of commercial quality with the use of parts like a three inch roller. This large roller ensures less wear on the tread belt and smoother operation.
Heart Rate Monitoring As you would expect, the S-TRx comes with a contact heart rate system. You can also monitor your heart rate wirelessly using Polar telemetry. This technology makes it easy to stay in your target heart rate zone.
Star Trac S TRx
  • Star Trac S TRx

Product Specifications

Unit Weight:
Weight Capacity:
Dimensions LxWxH:
81"L x 32"W x 58"H
Motor Horsepower:
3.0 CHP
Motor Power:
Max Speed:
Max Incline:
Max Decline:
Soft Trac Triple Cell Neoprene Rubber
Belt Length / Width:
60" x 20"
Roller Width:
Min Step Height:
Touch LED
Workout Programs:
Heartrate Monitoring:
Polar Telemetry, EKG Grip
Speakers and Audio, Interactive Programs
Cooling Fan, Storage Tray
Labor Warranty:
1 Year
Parts Warranty:
2 Year
Motor Warranty:
5 Year
Best Seller, Editor's Choice, Commercial Grade
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Product Reviews

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  1. Star Well Built Treadmill

    Reviewed on 30th Oct 2014 by PapaFrank

    A work horse and one of a kind treadmill built to last. I bought the Star Trac Elliptical machine and have had no problems with it. This Elliptical was purchase about 5-7 years ago and its still giving me the benefits of a good workout. I bought the treadmill because of the Star Trac name and am very happy with it. One can see the well design of the treadmill immediately. I hope to get the same benefits out of it as I get out of the Elliptical. They make good products to work the way they should. Go Star Trac!

  2. Star I fell in love with Startrac

    Reviewed on 17th Mar 2014 by carol kravitz

    I do not own this machine, but our senior apartment that I live in has a work out room and has your top line treadmill. I recently started to use it every evening and I walk 2 to 3 miles. I used to own a treadmill long time ago and this one has to be the Rolls Royce of treadmills, it is beautiful, I love it and I am 72 years old. If I could afford it, I would surely buy your product.

  3. Star Best Treadmill I've Ever Owned

    Reviewed on 7th Nov 2013 by Jason Karey

    This is the 3rd treadmill I've owned and I absolutely love it. I've been a big runner all my life and it's just part of my routine. I wake up, get some water, and run 3 miles on the treadmill every morning (except Sunday). I prefer to have the treadmill at my house vs going to a gym because it just saves time. Over the years I've just purchased the cheapest thing I could to get the job done, but this time I decided to make an investment. The difference is obvious from the second you hit the deck. It's much smoother, more stable, and just better built all around. To be honest, I wish my other treadmill broke sooner!

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