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$1,000 Weight Loss Challenge is excited to announce the official start to our $1,000 Weight Loss Challenge promotion!  We are all fitness geeks at and know that motivation is key to staying fit and eating right. That's why we're going to give our best motivator yet: up to $1,000 in cash for losing weight and getting fit!

Personal trainer weighing clientHere's how it works:

  • When you lose 20 pounds, we'll send our congratulations and a $100 cash rebate
  • When you lose 50 pounds, we'll give you a high five and another $150 rebate (total of $250)
  • If you lose 100 pounds, we'll reward you with the ultimate prize of $1,000 in total cash after a final $750 rebate
  • You have 12 months to participate in the challenge, starting from the day you register

For safety and health reasons, your starting weight must be at least 110lb to qualify for the $100 rebate, at least 175lb to qualify for the $150 rebate and at least 300lb to qualify for the $750 rebate. In addition, pregnant women are not allowed to participate in this challenge. In English, if it's unsafe for you to lose weight, we don't want you hurting yourself!


Weight Loss Challenge Rules:

  • Be a customer of, with a qualifying purchase of $499 or more, starting April 1st, 2014.
  • Within 30 days of your item being delivered, email us at with two "Before" pictures: a full-body shot of you in front of your new purchase, wearing non-loose clothing; and another picture standing of you on a scale with the weight visible in the photo. Both photos must be clear and  (If you don't have a scale, we also accept a dated doctor's note or written proof from an approved third-party provider such as Jenny Craig or Weight Watchers.)
  • When you lose 20 pounds, email us at with "Proof of Weight Loss" photo, similar to the "Before" photo, that documents your weight loss, along with a minimum 100 word description of your weight loss journey and your tips for success. Note: If we cannot visibly see your weight loss from the photos, we may request additional verification of weight loss.
  • When you lose 50 pounds or more (if you qualify), send in additional forms of verification of your weight loss, as outlined in the Official Weight Loss Challenge rules (see link below).
  • We'll reveiw your entry and then award you your prize!  We'll also send you some free swag for you to wear and show off!
  • BONUS: Like us on Facebook or Google+ when you register and we'll credit you with a bonus pound toward your weight loss!

Please read our Official Weight Loss Challenge Rules for complete details, restrictions and guidelines for this promotion. If you have any questions, please contact the team and we will be happy to answer any questions. Good luck and get fit!

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Updated: Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I bought a treadmill for my husband and I, can we both participate?
A: We would love to have you work out together (you still should!) but this promotion is only good for one person in the household.

Q: Does this apply to just treadmills or also ellipticals, bikes, etc?
A: As long as you purchase a single piece of equipment over $499, you quality for this promotion!

Q: I already lost 10 pounds before I bought my treadmill, can I apply that toward my weight loss?
A: Congratulations on the weight loss. To make things fair for everyone, we have to stick to your starting weight within 30 days of delivery of your unit. 

Q: Can I lose weight any way that I want?
A: We would hope that you use safe and healthy means of losing weight and consult with your health provider first. Otherwise, how you lose weight is up to you. Please read our official weight loss rules for more restrictions.


-The Team